Avaya 1403 Digital Deskphone


Avaya 1403 Digital Deskphone Dubai

The Avaya 1403 Digital Deskphone Dubai is designed for the Walkup and the Daily user. It’s perfect for locations such as common areas in offices, lobbies, stockrooms, or drop-in desks. Visitors – including customers – are examples of walkup users who want a phone with a simple, familiar interface. It’s also perfect for the Daily phone users for whom a phone is not the one critical piece of their communication requirements.


Avaya1403 Digital Deskphone

The Avaya1403 Digital Deskphone DubaiĀ supplies 3 administrable keys with LED signalling. The phones from this collection are developed for clients with the need to see numerous developments at an appearance in addition to dial with one fingertip. The white backlight of the display screen enables a very basic readability of the telephone phone call details likewise when the nearby is not genuinely dazzling.

The Avaya 1400 Deskphones Dubai materials help for hands-free presently with the smallest1403All phones continue to be in the well popular design of the 1600 IP Collection, are wall-mountable in addition to black in color. Among one of the most essential attributes are really simple beneficial with handled keys found around the dial pad. The 3 administrable keys, each with a red in addition to a green LED in addition to paper tags are established for clients with the need to see numerous developments at an appearance in addition to dial with one fingertip.

The Avaya1403Digital Deskphone Dubaiprojects for its uncomplicated in addition to familiarized interface. The Avaya 1403 Dubai has 3 customized keys to be set up the approach you want, hands-free calls, wall-mountable, LED light, top-quality audio speaker phone, backlight on the digital display screen making it really simple to evaluate in low-light issues, one touch keys for popular telephone works such as: Sound audio speaker, Amount, Mute, Avaya Food option, Workshop, Hold, Transfer, Reduction, Redial.

Avaya 1408 Digital Deskphone DubaiAvaya1403Digital Deskphone Consists of:

  • Maintains 3 administrable feature buttons
  • Each button contains dual LEDs (red, green) offering particular problem for the person
  • Contain handled feature keys for regular telephone works including workshop, transfer, decrease, hold, mute
  • Contain top-quality audio speaker phone
  • Two-line by 16- individuality display screen, white backlit for much less difficult enjoying in all lights issues
  • 2-way audio speaker phone, 3 administrable buttons each with red in addition to green LED, Aesthetic display screen, 128 x25Pixel
  • 2 lines with white backlight in addition to a wall surface area mount with wedge stand.
  • Ideal with Avaya IP Office simply.