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LG-Ericsson Phone System Dubai

For the last couple of years, with the advancement in the technology, business has been gearing up for the most challenging reforms in the communication domain. It has had a decisive role in formulating the strategies that contribute great business success regarding productivity and profitability. Making use of it, many of the organizations begin to accept the latest systems and solutions to gain profitability. The reality is that investing in cutting-edge solutions, such as unified communications, mobility, etc.… can result in great savings on communication costs and infrastructure utilization. In the age of the digital world, the technology that gained immense popularity is the VOIP. In response to the evolving communication needs, it is imperative for the business to restructure or build the infrastructure with the core systems. Thanks to the technology, now the market is blessed with the most advanced communication solutions and structures.

To give your business a competitive advantage, it is good to have unified communications solutions that bring a wide range of IP based mediums together. LG Ericsson is instrumental in bringing the popular solutions to the industries across the world. Ericsson-LG iPECS-LIK is the essential platform of a Unified Communications Solution with convenient communication and collaboration tools. It brings together a wide range of applications and communication tools to the service of the industries and customers effectively. With the cutting edge technology, the phone system offers an incredible array of the latest features.


Lg Ericsson Phone SystemEricsson-LG guarantees your competitiveness through providing end-to-end interaction solutions which offer the requirements for your business. Vector Dubai service and assistance LG-EricssonIPECS telephone systems We offer a comprehensive service consisting of setup and system moving, includes relocations and modifications, system upgrades, extra handsets and growth modules, upkeep and assistance, consisting of remote support. The Ericsson-LGiPECS Platform phone system is perfect for little and medium-sized organizations with 3 or more organization phones. iPEC (IP Business Interaction Solutions) supplies a total item line-up to provide business-class unified interactions solutions Along with consisting of voice and information solutions, iPECS likewise provides a series of applications such as the icall suite and iPECS Communicator to offer improved call management performance to fulfill the requirements of any business. Lg telephone System Dubai total, economical interactions service, the iPECS Platform is simple to make use of and packed with beneficial functions which will benefit your consumers and personnel. It’s likewise extremely scalable, for that reason it can grow as the business grows.


LG IPECS Telephone System

LG PBX UAELG Ericsson is involved in the designing and production of IP telephone systems to the industries of varied domains. Being a major IP telephony provider the company comes with advanced IP phones, Digital phones, wireless phones, and Softphones. The portfolio of phones consists of LG Ericsson LIP phones and LG Ericsson IPECS telephones.

LG-Ericsson iPECS-LIK Phone system: The phone system comes in varied models to best suit your present business requirements. It includes the models, iPECS 100, iPECS 300, iPECS 600 and iPECS 1200. The number in the models represent the number of extensions or users that a particular phone can support.


LGEricsson Phones

Lg Ericsson Phones DubaiLG Ericsson LIP phones: The LIP phones have been designed to fit any business. LG Ericsson LIP 8000 series supports an extensive suite of telephony features and applications with solutions designed to meet varying communication needs from small-to-large environments. It comprises the models LIP 8050, LIP 8040, LIP 8024, LIP 8012, LIP 8008, LIP 8004 and LIP 8002. The LG Ericsson telephone system supports various mobility solutions to keep your business connected for better communication and performance.

LG Ericsson comes with a wide range of incredible Wireless IP and DECT telephones for small to medium businesses as well. It includes the models LG Ericsson WIT 400H Wi-Fi IP Telephone, LG Ericsson GDC 400H DECT Telephone and LG Ericsson GDC 450H Rugged DECT Telephone. With the range of wireless and DECT phones, the brand delivers a perfect solution that guarantees state of the art communication. These phones offer great access to utilize the rich communication features through your smartphones – thus providing the customer reachability anywhere, anytime.

LG Ericsson Softphone: Another member from the Ericsson family is its wide range of softphones. LG Ericsson phontage softphone is an extremely multi-media communication tool that enables you to use as if you are communicating with an IP telephone. The features include the phonebook database with access to users email client Microsoft Outlook and pop-up windows as an alert for the incoming calls.

Some of the feature lists of the LG Ericsson phontage phones include

  • Login with the ID and password
  • Multi-language support
  • The pop-up window for the incoming call alert
  • Quick call menu
  • Phone book calling
  • Email with the email client – Microsoft Outlook
  • Phone book management

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Why LG Ericsson?

LG-Ericsson telephone systems are influential in developing IP systems that bring success to your ever expanding business. With the cutting-edge features and options, designing and implementing the communication infrastructure with these telephone systems does create faultless solution across a wide range of industries. To meet your various business needs, LG-Ericsson has a magnificent line up of Telephone systems including the IP phones, Wireless IP phones, Dect phones, phontage softphones, and other accessories. Constructed by seeing the big, these systems have the capacity to meet the growing communication needs. The hardware and software flexibility plus the additional functionalities make the LG-Ericsson systems a great pick to many businesses.

With the advanced features and functionalities, LG-Ericsson provides the power of communication your business wants.