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GrandstreamPBX System

Grandstreamoffer ingenious IP PBX Telephone System with business grade efficiency functions. Grandstream PBX offered in various designs and please business from 2 user to 2000 users. A big range of desk phones offered with Grandstream to select for every consumer requires. Grandstream desk phone functions like extension dialing, conference calling, business directory site, hold and call transfer. If your company desires trendy desk phones with crystal-clear noise, do not stress, Grandstream has them. With Grandstream IP Phone PBX System employees can have enterprise-grade interaction abilities anywhere they’re going, consisting of video conferencing with room-based systems, peer-to-peer video, web conference, calendar gain access to, CRM combination, instantaneous messaging and presence.Organizations can equal the current UC and phone functions with Grandstream PBXSystem A Grandstream phone system can assist you develop most effective mobile and remote labor force quickly and budget-friendly. The very same time Grandstream Phone System boost interaction capability and abilities, when your company grows. Grandstream interaction items are the most efficient tool for gain company and consumer care performance.

SIP trunking is utilized to link a company’s head office, branch workplaces and information center to its interaction company. Grandstream habing sip trunking function with no extra expense. SIP trunks change expencive branch office or head office calls by incorporating both the workplaces together. Furthermore it allowing companies to accept UC more quickly, make interactions more trustworthy and make a virtualcall center SIP trunking can result in cost savings-up to 40 % of your particular voice expense by one price quote.

Grandstream PBXGrandstreamwell acknowledged for quality items higher budget plan variety. Simply the biggest business & & company can manage the functions provided by costly Telephone Systems. Grandstream Make it possible for small company owners to accomplish the competitive advantages of an innovative company Phone System without the substantial cost. Grandstream PBX System is the best choice for business in Dubai which desire the result & & stebility without the headache.

GrandstreamOffer range of IP PBX System designs and company IP Phones to select for your company. Call us today Grandstream PBX System in Dubai and Grandstream PBX System setup any location in UAE. Being a Grandstream supplier in Dubai we have the ability to offer finest loan conserving offers available in UAE. Grandstream Phone System Dubai uses the partnership tools you require, from standard telephone systems to the most advanced merged interaction phone system, consisting of effective videoconferencing Grandstream UCM6200Series and UCM6100Series IP PBX consist of all the functions needed by a modern-day office.The brand-newGrandstream UCM6200is a total office telephone system with enhanced functions and stability.The UCM6200Series consists of the following designs. UCM6202, UCM6204, UCM6208 Please note there is no design called Grandstream UCM6216

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GrandstreamPBX functions

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Voice MailVoicemail is among the most recognized and secondhand function of a Telephonesystem Grandstream Voicemail enables callers to leave a voice message in the lack of the user which can be repeated at a later.When a call reaches a users voicemail, the caller is triggered to leave a message after a pre-recorded (or automated) message.

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Telephone IVRAn Interactive Voice Reaction( IVR)/ Auto-attendant function in Grandstream Dubai is among the most preferable functions for an organisationPBX An IVR plays an automatic message to all inbound callers. This message plays to the caller, defines the choices which are offered to them, and consequently triggers them to make their choice based upon the nature of the call.

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Conference CallMeeting room

The meeting room function of your Grandstream IP PBX works to develop a conference room for users (both internally and externally). Users can employ and speak to one another. Meeting room can be moderated by an admin user, and also it can be password safeguarded to avoid undesirable callers from accessing it. The meeting room can be accessed by users internally by calling the meeting room gain access to number.

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Telephone Call RecordingCall Recording

Call recording is a helpful function in Grandstream Dubai which allows a user to tape a discussion utilizing their phone. Furthermore Call recording can be set to constantly tape, never ever record, or record strictly based upon the guidelines. Call recording can be helpful for training and/or quality control for banks & & sales group.

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Caller ID FunctionCaller ID

Caller ID is a requirement Grandstream PBX function which allows inbound calls to be recognized by calling number. In a caller ID allowed system inbound caller’s ID is shown on the users phone screen.

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Call ForwardingCall Forwarding

This Grandstream PBX Dubai function enables calls to a specific extension to be forwarded to another extension or another number. When call forwarding is triggered, all calls to that user rerouted to the appointed location instantly. Calls can be forwarded to another extension, contact number (such as a Smart phone), an IVR, and more.

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Call TransferingCall Transfer

This Grandstream Telephone function enables users to move calls from their phone to another phone.Example: Receptionist move the calls to coworkers. Calls can be moved to another user, voicemail, an external number, and external locations.

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Call Parking FeatureCall Parking

Call parking function allows a call to be positioned in a call car park with a designated number. This parked call can be obtained up by any user with any phone. The caller who is positioned in the call car park will have on-hold music played to them while they are waiting for for a pick-up.

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Call AccountingCall Reporting

GrandstreamPBX provides you the capability to see all phone calls in web internet browser.PBXenables you to filter by date, extension, user, period, and more. Overalls are computed based upon the filter settings.This works for organisations who have to keep tabs on phone calls and particular individuals/extensions who can not be straight observed or kept an eye on continuously.

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Voice-Mail-To-Email-DubaiVoicemail to Email

The voicemail to email Grandstream IP PBX function sends out a copy of a user’s voicemail message to their defined e-mail address. This function enables users to pay attention to their voicemail messages through e-mail or smart-phone gadget without needing to physically utilize their desk-phone while they are away.

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Music-On-Hold-Dubai-UAEMusic On Hold

Music on hold in Grandstream Dubai Telephone System is a function which plays music to callers when they are put on hold or are presently in a call line. You can play Music or Business ad as music on hold.

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OfficeHours include in Grandstream PBX makes it possible to path a call based upon the time, day of the week, or month. This function is aid complete for diverting calls to a different after office hour message or various location after company hours, throughout weekends, vacations, and so on

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Ring-Group-In-Telephone-SystemRing Groups

GrandstreamPBX can organizing together numerous extensions into a single extension number. If there are sales representatives with extensions 120, 121, 122, and 123, then it is possible to designate a ‘Sales’ ring group and the inbound call will sound all the phones at the same time.

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Do-Not-Disturb-In-Telephone-SystemDo Not Disrupt

The do not disrupt function in Grandstream Dubai enables users to set a condition on their handset phones which would instantly decline a call. This function works when a user is inhabited with an essential job and can not manage to take a call (e.g. essential conference, essential job, consuming lunch, and so on.).

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Why Should I Pick Grandstream?

GrandstreamDubai is a budget-friendly and adjustable head office and branch service. The Grandstream telephone systems are scalable and can be released with ease. The setup is likewise rather easy for all those who have the standard understanding about telephone system facilities.

You need to attemptGrandstream Telephone System Grandstream Dubai is a total service that can satisfy the requirements of little and medium sized organisations. It is possible to scale Grandstream Telephone system from 3 to about 2 thousand extensions for fitting your office requires. Grandstream PBX is expandable and modular and is versatile based on your company requirements.

The Grandstream IP PBX System Dubai combines the PBX functions and the dependability of IP innovation. Hence, you can get a quality company interaction system that supplies outstanding telephone messaging service, IP Networking ability, Wireless Movement, Voice-Over-IP and combination with the PC.

The Grandstream Telephone systems Dubai facilitate you to work better and proficiently. These safe and safe telecom systems offer efficient call management, assist in fantastic highlighted handsets, and call center solutions.

Do not postpone the success of your company endeavor and deploy Grandstream’s efficient interaction systems today and you would see success coming your method no time at all.



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