Dlink DVX-2004F IP PBX


Dlink DVX-2004F IP PBX FXO System 

The Dlink DVX-2004F IP PBX FXO System Dubai supports up to 30 extensions, which can be found anywhere with Internet access. Multiple units can be used to increase the number of extensions or unite a company that has many locations under a single PBX system. The Dlink DVX-2004F offers all of the important telephony Features such as call forwarding, follow me, call hold, and voicemail. Incoming calls are directed by the combined auto-attendant and hunt groups to assist callers to their destinations.

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DlinkDVX-2004F IP PBX  System Dubai, UAE, Abu Dhabi, Shrjah, UAE

The Dlink DVX-2004F IP PBX System Dubai, Abu Dhabi is created for companies with approximately 30 phone expansions; the Dlink DVX-2004F supplies all the functions essential of a SME service phonesystem The DVX-2004 is offered in 2 designs, the Dlink DVX-2004F IP PBX System Dubai, Abu Dhabi has 4 FXO components, while the DVX-2004G design has 4 GSM component. The all-in-one Dlink DVX 2004 F IP PBX could not just supply the heritage fundamental PBX functions (phone call hold, phone call forwarding, call waiting, video phone call, and so on), yet likewise supply remarkable functions such as visual driver, multi-media songs on hold, voicemail to mail, and also vehicle assistant, and so on. Furthermore, it’s really suitable for SMEs’ monitoring and also upkeep, likewise very easy to update. SMEs could establish very own phone system to establish the business photo and also workplace efficiency.

The Dlink PBX phone functions are individual flexible through the Dlink DVX-2004’s internet setup device. The manager offers each expansion an account of telephone systems functions, which allows the most effective suit for an individual’s work feature. Each individual could tweak their appointed account with the internet to match their everyday service timetable. The Dlink DVX-2004F IP PBX Dubai, Abu Dhabi sustains approximately 30 expansions, which could be located anywhere with Net accessibility. Numerous systems could be utilized to enhance the variety of expansions or unify a business that has lots of places under a solitary PBX system.

Net IP telephone systems, likewise called VoIP, is specified as the transportation of telephone calls online as basic Net information packages. Net telephone calls could develop from standard phone receivers with phone line-to-Internet (Analog Trunk) entrances, by Computers utilizing software application, or ingrained gadgets (IPPhones). The majority of the rate of interest in Net telephone systems is relocated by inexpensive and also convenience of establishing and also blending brand-new solutions. Net telephone systems incorporates a selection of solutions given by the existing Net and also the general public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) facilities. The DVX-2004F IP PBX FXO Dubai, Abu Dhabi uses every one of the crucial telephone systems Functions such as call forwarding, phone call hold, follow me, and also voice mail. Inbound calls are guided by the consolidated auto-attendant and also search teams to aid customers to their ends. It could establish basic phone lines with an outside phone line entrance or inexpensive Net telephone systems solutions.

DlinkDVX-2004F IP PBX System Showcases:

  • 30Expansions
  • VideoCalls
  • Numerous Language
  • DID( Straight Inward Dialing Number)
  • Assistance SKYPE for SIP
  • Phone call Screen/ Document
  • FXOto FXS life line
  • Codec: G.711- Ulaw, G.711- Alaw, G.726, G.729, GSM, SPEEX, H.261, H.263, H.263+, H.264
  • Phone call Hold/ Ahead/ Transfer/ Waiting/ Vehicle parking
  • Phone call Paging and also Intercom
  • Customer ID
  • Songs On Hold
  • DISA( Straight Internal System Gain access to)
  • Adaptable Dial Strategy
  • Ring Team
  • Boardroom
  • Black Checklist
  • Phonebook
  • Phone call Line
  • BLF( Hectic Light Area)
  • Integrated SIP/IAX2 web server
  • Build-in voice mail web server
  • Mirror Cancellation/VAD
  • Setup By internet
  • Setup by SSH
  • Assistance Static/DHCP/PPPOE
  • VPN Customer( Assistance N2N)
  • DDNS Customer( Assistance Dyndns.org)
  • Assistance NTP( Network Time Procedure)
  • Auto-provisioning