Snom HS-MM3 headset


Snom HS-MM3 HeadsetĀ 

The Snom HS-MM3 headset Dubai fits perfectly to the Snom 300 IP Phone. This Snom Headset Dubai has been newly updated with a new look and advanced ergonomics. The new Snom 300 headset Dubai delivers users with: more headset stability, comfort, ease of use, and hands-free suitability. The Snom HS-MM3 Dubai features a noise- canceling microphone boom to keep your voice sounding crystal clear.



SnomHS-MM3 Headset Dubai

The Snom HS-MM3 headset Dubai fits completely to the Snom 300 phone nonetheless, the HS-MM2 headset is made use of for the Snom 320 as well as Snom 360 phones. The Snom Headsets have actually been upgraded with a face-lift as well as much better functional designs as well as use. With the Snom headsets Dubai, Snom supplies a total product for usage in a range of Web telephone atmospheres.

The Snom HS-MM3 headset Dubai is the ideal enhance to the Snom 300 phone – whereas the HS-MM2 headset is developed for the Snom 320, 360 as well as Snom 370 VoIP phones. Snom’s HS-MM2 as well as HS-MM3 monaural headsets supply customers with even more headset security, convenience, simplicity of usage as well as hands-free viability in daily interaction. The Snom monaural headset has one ear pad which could be endured either ear. With the noise-canceling microphone, the Snom headset Dubai maintains the customer’s voice crystal clear.

The Snom Headsets are a risk-free financial investment for your company, offering customers operating in telephone- extensive functions a lot more adaptability, convenience as well as flexibility. Making use of headsets enhances the operating procedure as well as raises general performance.

SnomHS-MM3 headset Showcases:

  • Versatile steel mic boom
  • Monaural headset
  • Cord for very easy exchange
  • RJ-11modular plug
  • Flexible headband
  • Noise-canceling microphone boom
  • Soft leatherette ear padding
  • Excellent audio top quality
  • Lightweight: 95 g
  • Headset wall mount