Grandstream GXP2200 EXT Expansion Module


 The Grandstream GXP2200 EXT Dubai is a high Performance expansion module. Grandstream GXP2200 EXT provides extra functionality and flexibility to Grandstream GXP2200 enterprise IP phone Dubai. The GXP2200 EXT module features a big 128 x 384 graphic LCD and 20 programmable keys. In addition, it allows up to 40 extensions per module by using the 2 page switch buttons and up to 160 keys when 4 extension modules are connect together.



Grandstream GXP2200EXTGrowth Element


The Grandstream GXP2200EXTDubai Growth Element might considerably Increase power as well as adaptability when handling the Grandstream GXP2200IP Phone. The Grandstream GXP2200EXTDubai element is prepared with a significant visuals LCD reveal with a resolution of 128 x 384 as well as 20 dual-color programmable buttons.

Because of that, a singular element allows making it feasible for straight access to the 40 staff members making use of a 2-mode. It maintain as high as 160 when the 4 elements in a chain with each other. Linking, power supply as well as manage element is carried out directly from the Grandstream GXP2200IP Phone.

The Grandstream GXP2200EXTDubai Growth Element is for every single programmable button maintains all main phone features such as phone call hold on one phone for admission to numerous other, relocate a call us to another phone, indication of a stressful line, telephone phone call pick-up, car car park, price dial, intercom, presence standing as well as satisfying/ transfer/ forwarding.

The Grandstream GXP2200EXTDubai is the suitable alternative for the work environment with a significant range of calls or workplace aide. Using the Grandstream development element GXP2200EXTconsiderably increases the outcome of work environment treatments, making it possible for masterfully managing as well as caring for the flow of calls.

Grandstream GXP2200EXTGrowth Element Elements:

  • 128x384visuals LCD
  • 20quick-dial/BLF techniques
  • Twin colour LED
  • 2 browsing techniques
  • It collaborates with GXP2140, GXP2200, as well as GXV3240
  • A visuals LCD having a resolution of 128 x 384 pixels
  • It has 20 programmable buttons where each button has dual color LED
  • By making use of the 2-page altering techniques, you might develop 40 growths each element
  • An overall of 4 Grandstream GXP2200EXTelements might be daisy- chained off the phone providing you with 160 changes. They are daisy chained with the power supply as well as might be managed utilizing base phone.
  • It maintains BLF (Busy Light Location).
  • Around 4 growth elements might be daisy- chained with the mobile that will definitely offer the specific with an included 160 programmable lines
  • You could establish the lines to either in advance the calls or relocate them.
  • You might establish the lines to the conference and even for price dialling to call us to a line.
  • For the power people, Grandstream GXP2200EXTproducts real-time The power people may be the frantic company directors or possibly the specialist aides as well as telephone supervisors.


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