Cisco SPA 301 IP Phone


Cisco SPA 301 IP Phone 

The Cisco SPA 301 IP Phone Dubai is an inexpensive 1-line SIP-based entry level phone for business or home office use. The Cisco SPA301 Dubai IP Phone has been verified to confirm full interoperability.The SPA 301 IP Phone Dubai performs highly safe remote provisioning and modest in-service software upgrades using standard encryption protocols. Remote provisioning tools contain full performance measurement and troubleshooting features, allowing network providers to provide high-quality support to their subscribers.


CiscoSPA 301 IP Phone Dubai,Abu Dhabi,UAE

The CiscoSPA 301 IP Phone is not simply fairly outstanding for small spending plan strategies yet it’s a completely consisted of basic web phone. Total consisted of and basic – Isn’t actually that an issue. It’s the simpleness of the CiscoSPA 301 IP Phone¬†that provides its essential treatment. Yet in its convenience to the boosting host of features and includes supplied by business you’ll find an instinctive and gratifying specific experience that’s never ever before doing not have.

The CiscoSPA 301 IP Phone worths your bag. Cisco IP phones Dubai are established to continue to be on the decreasing side. Flexibility to either connects the Cisco SPA301IPPhone Dubai straight to an internet telephone company provider or an added heldsystem Reliable features at your command that usually manage you. Perfect for any kind of type of small office, Cisco SPA301IPphone Dubai is spending plan pleasant today and future proof for tomorrow.

For tiny firms that call for budget friendly, continuous, and easy to use Cisco phones, the Cisco SPA301IPPhone is a 1-Line IP Phone might be used with either SIP or Smart Phone Control Treatment and is maintained with the Cisco Unified Communications 500 Collection, Cisco SPA 9000 Voice System UAE, and held IP telephonesystems The Cisco SPA301IPPhone Dubai is basic to establish and maintains incredibly safe remote provisioning along with on-line configuration. It handles the desires of the traditional business person while enhancing the benefits of IP telephone.

CiscoSPA301IPPhone Consists of:

  • Essential 1-line business-class IP phone
  • Affixes straight to an Internet telephone carrier or to an IP individual branch exchange (PBX)
  • Easy installation and shielded remote provisioning, along with on-line configuration
  • One carrier line
  • 2 telephone telephone call looks accessed through flash method or hook flash
  • Shared line appearance **
  • Line standing indicator
  • Phone conversation hold
  • Tracks on hold **
  • Phone conversation waiting
  • Outward bound client ID blocking
  • Phone conversation transfer: joined and blind
  • Three-way conferencing with area mixing
  • Multiparty telephone telephone call conferencing through outdoors conference bridge **
  • Phone conversation pick-up: mindful and group **
  • Callback on energetic
  • Phone conversation disallowing: private and mindful
  • Phone conversation forwarding: real, no service, and on energetic
  • Phone conversation return: redial last client
  • Hotline and relaxing line automated calls
  • Phone conversation logs (60accessibility each): made, dealt with, and lost out on calls; accessed through HTTP internet server
  • Redial last called number
  • Do not disturb (clients hear line energetic tone)
  • Block private incoming calls
  • Support for Clothing Resource Identifier (URI) (IP) dialing (vanity numbers)
  • Integrated web web server for administration and configuration, with specific and supervisor availability levels
  • Integrated interactive voice response system to examine standing and adjustment configuration
  • Day and time with clever daytime economic cost savings help
  • Phone conversation start time conserved in telephone telephone call logs
  • 10user-downloadable ringtones
  • Price dial (8 accessibility)
  • Group paging (outgoing simply) **
  • Intercom (outward bound simply) **
  • Establish suched as codec, each telephone telephone call, all calls
  • Configurable dial/numbering approach help
  • Ringer and mobile amount controls
  • Mobile input gain modification
  • DNS SRV and many A records for proxy lookup and proxy redundancy
  • Syslog, debug, document generation, and event logging
  • Support for incredibly shielded encrypted voice communications
  • Network Address Translation (NAT) Traversal
  • Automated provisioning, many strategies, with as long as 256- little data security: HTTP, HTTPS, Insignificant Information Transfer Treatment (TFTP)
  • Alternate to require supervisor password to reset tool to making center defaults