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PolycomRealPresence Group series

Innovation has actually altered the method we interact.

Last years has actually seen a growing pattern to the application of digital innovation in the interaction sector. It is not a surprise that, just recently, numerous advanced communicative gadgets has actually been presented in the market. It now appears that, in today’s significantly innovative market location, business are ending up being more powered with digitalsolutions As the innovation progresses and the expense of the systems decreased, merged interactions end up being a growing mode of interactions to the majority of business. Now with the broad approval, business weigh in on the enterprise-grade video cooperation service as their favored approach for interactions.

The enterprise-grade video cooperation service has numerous benefits and it consists of.

  • Decreasing the overhead expenses
  • Enhanced openness
  • Enhance efficiency
  • Supplying versatile work plans
  • Improving the method you interact.

Produce a terrific cooperation experience with Polycom Solutions.

If you have actually chosen for an enterprise-grade video cooperation service, then it is essential to select the very bestsystems

polycom realpresence group series dubai
Polycomis an international leader in establishing video, voice and interaction innovation. Throughout the years, Polycom interaction solutions has actually been extensively well-known by the international business to improve their interaction in a much better method over cross countries. Utilizing Polycom enterprise-grade video cooperation solutions, service interact and team up from their desktops, conference room therefore with ease. Now numerous companies select Polycom solutions to acquire competitive benefits over others.

  • Business can get a high roi as you can collaborate deal with to deal with any place you are.
  • Can conserve substantial time, enhance efficiency.
  • Much better usage of resources, therefore conserving energy and time

Whatever be your interaction requirement be, it makes great sense to put trust in the Polycom interaction solutions.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]

Accelerate your decision-making procedure with RealPresence Group series conference phones

RealPresenceGroup series is the talk of the town now

Extraordinary in providing the video collective experiences, Polycom RealPresence group series of conference phones bring individuals more detailed and make the conference meetings live and significant. The RealPresence series not just amaze the users with video cooperation experience however likewise bring content cooperation experience and audio experiences actively.

Exactly what the users acquire with Polycom RealPresence series?

  • Fastest sharing of greatest resolution material at the rate of 60 frames per second. It can consist of the video files, animations, files and a lot more.
  • With the Polycom Visual board innovation, users can share whatever they desire with other users while on a call.
  • With the Polycom application (Individuals+ material IP application), it is simple to share the files wirelessly from the MAC or PC.
  • It brings the conference experience to brand-new levels. It has the functions to frame all space members precisely and capability to concentrate on the getting involved member throughout the video calls.
  • Easy to use user interface
  • It is possible to couple with your tablet and handle the video calls.
  • Able to produce premium video recordings, make business interactions live and a lot more.
  • Premium audio clearness with Sound decrease strategies and so on.

The portfolio of Polycom RealPresence group series consists of Group 310, Group 500, and Group 700.

PolycomRealPresence Group 310

You might question, if it deserves to choose a cooperation service for your small company. Polycom has the response with its RealPresenceGroup 310 service It is an excellent choice for the little sized conference room, huddle spaces and individual work environments. It gets along user interface and basic setup makes it a more beneficial option for the little groups. It is offered at inexpensive cost even. It has actually been created to make one of the most of your conferences.


  • Effective existence
  • Easy to utilize
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Versatile cam options
  • Inexpensive cost.

PolycomRealPresence Group 500

Trying to find an effective conferencing solutions that matches your environment? With its ingenious solutions, Polycom provides RealPresence Group 500 service that is perfect for meeting room with double screens. Its advanced video and audio functions bring individuals together and make the discussion significant and live. It charming style makes it more easy to use and keep your space mess complimentary.

Its benefits

  • One touch dial and basic to utilize
  • Provides simple setup
  • High-quality video and audio
  • Easy to share amongst the users
  • Versatile cam alternatives.

PolycomRealPresence Group 700

This RealPresence Group 700 service has actually been created to satisfy all your conference requires. It can be quickly incorporated into any work environments that have complicated requirements. Too, it is an excellent option for the conference room that require quality noise and visuals; furthermore it is typically simple to incorporate with other interaction resources for a higher conference experience.

The advantages consist of

  • Bring premium video cooperation experience into bigger spaces
  • Easy to utilize and piece de resistance
  • Capability to frame all individuals associated with the conference.
  • Exceptional style and excellent cam alternatives
  • Ultimate audio experience
  • Perfect for bigger conference room

PolycomRealPresence solutions with Vector Digitals Dubai

Allowing your service with an innovative conferencing service is a true blessing. Current modification in innovation continue to make big impact in the interaction arena. In a city like Dubai, it is vital for business to accept the innovation modifications. We at Vector Digitals Dubai is incredibly appreciate bringing innovative innovation in the vertical of interaction. As such, we bring the very best of conferencing systems with the PolycomRealPresence Group series in Dubai, UAE. With years of experience in the telecommunication field, we are thought about as the best-unifiedinteraction service provider in Dubai with the leading names in the market. We have our service functional in the emirates of Abu Dhabi, Ras-Al-Khaimah, Sharjah, Umm Al Quwain, Al Ain and Ajman too.

Be it for a revamp or constructing a brand-new interaction system, we have the best service for you. With the cutting-edge solutions and standards, we assist you to establish a much-sophisticated solutions for your service. Besides handling the Polycom solutions, we have the solutions with the other items such as the Axis, Avaya and Cisco. Our approach is basic, for this reason our solutions are clear and apparent. We stay to understand your service well, recognize your requirements, and propose a service that offer supreme service for your interaction requirement.