Avaya Mobility Dubai – Increase Availability



AvayaMobility Solutions

Increasethe availability and responsiveness to users anywhere, on any gadget.

Your desk phone is sounding, you’re out? Your mobile will sound, you respond to calls from your landline number from your mobile and can re-move the call to your workers stayed in workplace.

Avaya Mobility Solution Dubai

Organize understanding employees and contact center representatives working from house. Broaden the variety of interaction tools utilized, consisting of voice, video, instantaneous messaging, existence, material sharing andconferencing Offer the protected and dependable genuine-time cooperation through service softwares clients and terminals.Intelligent architecture smartly handles the bandwidth requirements and lowers expenses.


taking a trip sales – constantly on the relocation however still linked

Workers have to interact when working from a public location, a hotel, the website of a consumer or a partner. With Avaya, they can utilize their work number for all inbound and outbound interactions on all gadgets. Direct voice traffic on cordless networks and service to lower the expense of far away and roaming. Access to combined interactions and video enables mobile to remain linked and preserve their business relationships with customers they are taking a trip or on website.

  • Assist your users to follow the speed of your service through an interactions facilities that allows mobile and virtual engagement.Our robust and versatile networks secure disrupts and supplies simple and quick implementation abilities and services.
  • Observe the results on your service when your workers, partners and customers link over any network, anywhere, anytime.The personnel are more readily available and responsive and consumer experience is transparent and enhanced.
  • Usage protected mobility solutions, dependable and expense Avaya to offer all your users the resources they require.The executives, business, task groups, understanding employees, service representatives consumer and clients can interact as if they were all utilizing the exact same tools.
  • Continue to feed your service.Whether your workers remain in an airport or hotel, at a consumer or partner websites, in your home or in subsidiary workplaces, they can access service applications and attain the greatest level of performance on all mobile phones, the latter being owned or provided by the consumer or the business.